A tenet at the core of the Ervin Scholars Program is diversity and a commitment to bringing diverse groups together. The Ervin Program, for many, is a second family throughout and beyond their time at Washington University. This family of Ervin Scholars includes individuals from various ethnicities, socio-economic backgrounds, geographic areas, religions, lifestyles, and major areas of study. It is a family of diverse individuals who create a safe, encouraging, and supportive community for one another. 

In addition to embodying diversity through various backgrounds and interests, Ervin Scholars also embrace a commitment to diversity. This commitment to diversity is not defined by a singular aspect of tolerance, acceptance, or respect; rather, it is inclusive of all of these and more. Ervin Scholars are aware that diversity is a multifaceted concept and that a commitment to diversity, in part, consists of showing an understanding for the differences of others. 

Ervin Scholars are instrumental in establishing organizations and activities in collaboration with fellow students, as well as on a local and national level. They also work closely with the Center for Diversity and Inclusion to promote productive discussion and advocacy in support of all forms of diversity on campus. 











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